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Noli me tangere - studio in divenire di Gabriella Riccio, photo Piero Cremonesephoto Piero Cremonese

Evocative and powerful, a sophisticated and minimal performance for sound incarnate and sounding bodies. The work is a physical score generated through the use of a sensitive sound environment applied to the performance. Messages from philosophy, poetry and literature intersect around the body, intimacy and relationship, touch and detach, eros and thanatos, human and divine. The performance reads and dances Jean-Luc Nancy and among the others Jean-Luc Nancy, Nietzsche, Nijinski and others. A nude scene, a number of microphones in a circle on piles of books, two bodies interact in a dramaturgy built through signs and actions on scene, multiplying the layers of meanings, merging conceptual and dramatic.

we start from a gap / separating time / unbridgeable space between human beings / time-space discrepancy / distance between the phases of being / lapse / void / interruption / tending to / suggesting a  / continuum / noli me tangere / do not touch me / do not hold me back / transfigured Christ pronounces to Mary Magdalene / impatience / urgency / tearing sometimes / as in the creative act / the performative act / do not hold me back from what I have to accomplish now / because it is ethical for art to be / perhaps even scandalous urgency of this ethics / of discovering / of showing / showing oneself exposed / going towards / an unavoidable action / yet also a taboo / of the contact / of allowing to be penetrate / of allowing to break in / and contaminate our sphere as individuals / attempt not to change status / renounce the ego / to go beyond / as the renunciation of corruption is sterile / non-fertile act / the warning becomes therefore lacerating / reminder to follow a path of transfiguration / towards a contact with / the impalpable knowledge of oneself / one’s duty to accomplish oneself [Gabriella Riccio]

concept & creation Gabriella Riccio
dramaturgy Gabriella Riccio through Jean-Luc Nancy
with Gabriella Riccio, Paolo Rudelli
sound environment Gabriella Riccio, Paolo Rudelli
literary environment Gabriella Riccio frammenti da  C.G.Jung, Nietzsche, Nijinsky, e altri…
stage photos Piero Cremonese
produzione caosmos | cie gabriellariccio
genre contemporary dance
running time 20’

selected for Transitidanza 2 interregional project by Italian Ministry if Culture and the Italian National Theatre Institute MiBAC/ET

Napoli,  Nuovo Teatro Nuovo, Transitidanza 2, 14 dicembre 2008