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photo Piero Cremonese

Beauty can appear at any moment, given the right circumstances, context or point of view

Mensch – ‘person’ in German – is a work on the theme of beauty. A tryptych – three simultaneous performances composed of two solos and one duo – are juxtapose. Three spaces and by three ambiences, three modalities expressing three fundamental aspects of beauty, all with the common denominators of the feminine, of the human being, of the person. Just as the movements of the dancers pass through time and space, so the public is invited to go into action and transit through the three ambiences, to let themselves be moved emotionally by the juxtaposition of the three modalities. Through the instant composition of the dancers, each instant can never again be repeated. The three dance pieces are offered to the gaze of the spectator as works of art, and as a gallery of bodies and movements. The moment, immediacy and synchronicity become values. “Mensch is like a manifesto of my idea of art:beauty = presence = permeability = exposure = fragility = courage = risk = exchange.” [gabriella riccio] . The solo is inspired by exhibited beauty, as perceived by J. Baudrillard: the conception of the contemporary body as machine body, objectivised body, plasticized body, unobtainable, untouchable, exhibited. A movement that is public, logical and rational, modular, progressive, symmetrical, material, in which the senses are ignored.The duo takes up and develops the theme of fragility, of risk, of the balance-imbalance of forces and powers.The other solo is centred on the theme of beauty inspired by the Japanese aesthetic canon of wabi-sabi: beauty as private, intuitive, relative, cyclic, sober, natural, calm, solitude, balance, simplicity. [Gabriella Riccio]

concept choreography scene light design Gabriella Riccio
music live elettronica Elio Martusciello
dance Gabriella Riccio, Léonard Rainis, Sonia Di Gennaro, Paola Ricciardi
production caosmos | cie gabriellariccio
with the support of Goethe Institut Neapel
stage photos Piero Cremonese
genere danza contemporanea e di ricerca
rumina time 30’

commissione for the opening of the Goethe Instiut Neapel 2005

Napoli, Goethe Institut Neapel, 4 novembre 2005 absolute première