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K.I.S.S.#1-about fragility by Gabriella Riccio

photo Piero Cremonese

a constantly changing space and sound environment on the theme of fragility, a non-affirmative dance, with undefined boundaries to be permeable to perception and power of the space, I am interested in vulnerability, the subtle tension arising from insecurity, the poetry of a fragile movement

“Fragility: Ease of breaking at the slightest shock – to yield at the first opportunity – error or fact committed for weakness”. Fascinated and intrigued by fragility K.I.S.S.#1–about fragility is  a conceptual performance of great choreographic rigor. A work built with great clarity, honesty and ingenuity investigating and articulating psychological, scientific and conceptual aspects. Six non-dancers  involved for three days in a workshopare brought to on stage next to the two dancers. The six bodies move blindfolded in a small space according to a rigorous scheme of random composition generating a constantly moving spatial environment, where the unexpected potential of the ‘accident’ is a continuous tension that underlies the entire work. Their spontaneous and quotidian movements, fragilized by the absence of vision, are enhanced by the abstract movement of the dancers. The trajectories of the dancers are also subjected to the unexpected generated by the random movement of the six. The dance is fragmented into short, instant compositions that are always generated according to rigorous compositional rules that interact perfectly with the fragile sound environment created by Elio Martusciello. The abstract is opposed to the natural, the dimension of intimacy to exposure, the individual to the group.

idea & choreography Gabriella Riccio
dace Gabriella Riccio,  Leonard Rainis / Marco Angelilli/ Paolo Rudelli
music original live electronics Elio Martusciello
stage photos Piero Cremonese
production caosmos | cie gabriellariccio
with the support of Goethe Institut Neapel
residency Goethe Institut Neapel
genere danza contemporanea e di ricerca
running time 10′ or 30’

Bergamo, Auditorium Città di Albino, 12 settembre 2009
Napoli, PAN Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, Il coreografo elettronico, 20 aprile 2008
Napoli, Nuovo Teatro Nuovo Sala Assoli, Di Seconda Mano, 12 novembre 2006
Napoli, Goethe Institut Neapel, Palazzo Sessa,  10 novembre 2006
Napoli, Giornata Mondiale della Danza, Ventrina giovane coreografia d’autore29 aprile 2005, absolute première