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photo Iacopo di Girolamo

What is the sense of contemporary performance immersed in the urban and social fabric of Naples compared to one of the cities by its nature and history among the most “performing” and “peformative” of the world?
What is the sense of getting to Naples in a land territory of everyone and no one?
What is the point for us to take part in a proposal and to challenge within ZAC?

idea Gabriella Riccio
performers Gabriella Riccio, Iacopo Di Girolamo, Mario Esposito, Gaetano Nocerino, Simona Seraponte, Raffaella Vesevo
production Fondazione Campania dei Festival – Napoli Teatro Festival Italia
residency  2008 Spazio Torchio
genere: urban performance

La Fondazione Campania dei Festival presents for Napoli Teatro Festival Italia –  the project Z.A.C. Zona (di) Attacco Creativo coordinated by Gabriella which aims to involve creative and performers of the territory. In this context caosmos | cia gabriellariccio presents four urban performance actions under the title Guerrilla Remixed

«Naples is the city of creative opportunities, many for now missed, a city that offers an extraordinary wealth of opportunities to feed creativity. Attracting the individual and voluntary nomadism of every creator – emphasizes Gabriella Stazio – making it even temporarily fixed in the “Houses” of creativity, is the top priority of this project.». A project that is based on some key themes: Creative nomadism, which means creating anywhere and in creative contexts contaminated with different experiences and thus capable of affecting new solutions (Swarm Theory – a self-organization of creators who in the absence of hierarchy, produces a result); Collective Exploration of Public Space, a concept linked to two main axes, that is, public space understood as the shared space of representation and collective expression of a city, seen both as a physical and symbolic entity and collective exploration by creators and of those who use the places of the city thanks to moments always in becoming; T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone), understood as a “free” physical and mental place where “spontaneously” establishes horizontal relationships networks, and as a place where people associate each other enriching each other in a free association of ideas and people; Stylish creativity, which means a creativity rooted in the territory in a contextual space context that influences the achievement of optimal solutions; Released spaces, abandoned spaces dispersed in the city, in which they give free expression to living, exuberant cultures, exempt from the rigor of pre-established artistic canons, outside of neutral art, consumption or contemplation. Performances take place everywhere, even in minimal spaces, and draw a map, an itinerary, highlighting, exploring, focusing on angles and interstitial areas in a continuous succession of performance performances: Performance Corner. The Corner can be delimited by moving structures – separates, panels, transitions, traffic signs, traffic cones, post signs – or a simple chair for the occasional viewer, yet able to demarcate, to trace the boundaries of the Creative Zone. Everything that happens inside the Corners is visible outside (External Creativity) thanks to a direct projection on the external facade, a visual and sound structure that makes the architectural work “different” and that ” captures “the potential recipient, to approach a different way of seeing, thinking, living the reality of public space. The set of all these elements creates a TAZ, that is, a woven blend, an amalgam of “creative”, public, organizers, creative potential, staff, inside which leads to the construction of intangible infrastructures of creativity, such as forms of association temporary. Artists and performers succeed in the path by transforming ideas, actions, works of the exhibition site, revolutionizing public enjoyment in a strongly propositional way

NTFI Napoli Teatro Festival Italia ZAC Zona di Attacco Creativo prima assoluta
Napoli, Piazza Dante, 13-14 giugno 2008
Napoli, Piazza Dante, 20-21 giugno 2008
Napoli, Piazza Carità, 27-28-29 giugno 2008