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Echo Resonance & Memory - creazione Gabriella Riccio

GR: The theme has emerged from the first sounds proposed by Neil, sounds archaic, ancestral, metallic. Matter, in fact. And evocation/memory. We started talking about echo and resonance of the sound and the sound system has become fundamental reason for the search and investigation of the body and movement. Investigate the possibilities for choreographic and compositional concepts of echo and resonance with a repeated use of the image multiplied and reproduced in the body, to go further and reach a body/movement visionary. Offer the sight/body suggestions that may be heard this time in a poetic sense to the viewer. The ability to work in both instantaneous composition with the body, with sound, with the visual system offer a rare opportunity to study the difference between the event and the reaction of the mind, intellect vs. instinct, inside vs. outside, light vs. dark, between the sacred and the profane, because the body and especially the dancing body is always and inevitably the subject of the earth, yet in its  matter it may glimpse as poetic–body, transformed and evokative.

NL: “The sounds Echo Resonance and Memory are inspired by a job that Jannis Kounellis presented in Marrana artembientale of La Spezia, an installation created with large bells that come in a spiral from the center of the earth. It struck me then the intensity with which the organization of these bells, like a chorus of silent language, could make the sound resonate in my mind. The work that I created using electronically processed voices and sound recordings that I have created from the installation of the bells Kounellis in a way that suggests the first appearance of sound as reported by the myths of antiquity. The work invites us to reconsider how our mind records and transforms the sound and music. This is the first work in which I collaborated with artist choreographer / dancer since the formulation of the concept to the staging of the opera in the formula of “live performance”. It is no coincidence that I work debuts at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, language silent and sometimes as a sign sonic bells of the local history.

idea choreography and dance Gabriella Riccio
original music live electronics Neil Leonard
VJ Alessandro De Vita
camera Alia Scalvini
production caosmos | cie gabriellariccio
residency 2008 Il torchio – spazio per le arti
genere experimental dance performance
running time 45’

Somma Vesuviana, Il Torchio – spazio per le arti, 28 maggio 2008 prima assoluta