EMERGENCE AND POWER October 26-27-28, 2022
International conference on interdisciplinary research in the arts

University of Barcelona, Faculty of Fine Arts. Pau Gargallo, 4, 08028 Barcelona

Panel Political imagination. Arts – Sociology – Activism
27.10.2022 from 16.00 to 18.00h
Institute of Radical Imagination intervene Gabriella Riccio, Elena Blesa Cabez, Theo Prodromidis

The art of being together: care, radical pedagogy and prefigurative practices

The issue of art as a tool of prefiguration of possible political scenarios for a transition to post-capitalism has become increasingly central amongst researchers, artists and activists. IRI has developed its own practice of militant research, combining long term engagement with local communities and activist groups. Bringing together art, research and activism, IRI also develops across its nodes actions-interventions and platforms of communities and organisations which bring together campaigning, artistic prefiguration, social research, radical pedagogy. The presentation will focus on IRI as an alter institution and its practices between informal communities and the more formal institutional framework. More in detail within the scope of the conference, IRI members will introduce and expand on the following activities: the exhibition and gathering On the precipice of time. Practices of insurgent imagination. The Zapatista forum; Raising Care platform; Art for UBI (manifesto) platform; and the more recent Art for Radical Ecologies (manifesto) platform.


Institute of Radical Imagination (IRI) is a group of artists, curators, activists, scholars and cultural producers with a shared interest in co-producing knowledge and artistic and political interventions to implement post-capitalist forms of life.

Elena Blesa Cábez, artist and educator. Doctoral Student in the Universidad de Granada History and Arts programme. She has been involved in different educational projects engaging with a transfeminist and decolonial perspective.

Theo Prodromidis, artist based in Athens, Greece. His artistic research and practice on performativity, participation and citizenship has been activated in both institutional and non-formal spaces of learning, action and exhibition. 

Gabriella Riccio, multidisciplinary artist based in Naples and Madrid. She is engaged in prefigurative practices such as the movement for the commons and  self-governed theatres and cultural spaces.