Friday September 17th 2021 h 18.30
Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

Based on an idea by Anna Rispoli
Concept Marco Baravalle, Elena Blesa, Emanuele Braga, Sara Buraya Boned, Gabriella Riccio, Anna Rispoli
Text / Texto Marco Baravalle, Elena Blesa, Emanuele Braga, Gabriella Riccio, Anna Rispoli and 14 citizens of Madrid and Barcelona
Direction Gabriella Riccio
Research & Interviews  Gabriella Riccio with the collaboration of Ana Campillos, Maite Gandulfo, Maria Mallol, Celina Poloni 
With the support of Hablarenarte / Planta Alta
With the participation of Miguel Ángel Álvarez Tornero, Andrei Alexandru Mazga, Sara Babiker Moreno, Elena Blesa Cabéz, Amalia Caballero, José Antonio Campillos Martín-Consuegra, Constanza Cisneros, Ana Gutiérrez Borreguero, Sebastián Laina, Mar Núñez, Lucía Núñez Ortega, Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Hella Spinelli and Gabriella Riccio.
A project & production by Institute of Radical Imagination, FfAI Foundation for the Arts Activities / Museo Reina Sofia
Genre Fictional Assembly
Running Time 40′

photo Anna Rispoli


Using the ART FOR UBI Manifesto as its starting point, the Institute of Radical Imagination has activated a discussions on the role that art and the world of cultural production should play in the fight for financial redistribution based on mutualism, self-management of resources, access to the means of production and other solidarity practices.

One income, many worlds (Una renta, muchos mundos) is a fictional assembly based on a proposal by Anna Rispoli, Einkommen. Die Bedingugslose Rede, Wiener Festwochen 2021, who regularly works on topics such as remuneration, income and the UBI (universal basic income), mixing performance, social research and conducting real experiments on how to share assets and financial resources.

In the performance One income, many worlds (Una renta, muchos mundos) a diversified group of people performs a fictional assembly in the form of a public coral speech, where the hypothetical impact on their lives of a universal, basic and unconditional income is analyzed on the background of the current pandemic crisis. Is UBI a “simple” financial measure, or is it an essential tool for a radical alternative to the neoliberal reality we are experiencing? What about earning money unrelated to jobs and working hours? What about the possibility to say no to the blackmail of precarity? What about putting and end to race and gender asymmetries so common in today’s labor market? What about detoxing the planet from ecologically dangerous jobs? What about care and mutual aid instead of the endless invitation to be competitive individuals? These are some or the questions inspiring the public dialogue. The is followed by the panel Art For Ubi #3.

The research phase is part of Gabriella Riccio participation in the DESVÍO Open Program, a tool for dialogue and collective work promoted by hablarenarte / Planta Alta that aims to actuate and affect our immediate context.

Free until full capacity. Tickets available from the Reina Museum’s web
Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid
Sabatini Building, Garden
Calle Santa Isabel, 52
Tel. (+34) 91 774 1000