MADRID PLANTA ALTA | Artist in residence

March-September 2021 I am #artistinresidence within the framework of DESVÍO – maneuvers for action at PlantaAltahablarenarte curatorial network in Madrid: “In a context of maximum exhaustion, overflow and collective boredom, this program is born from the undeniable desire to get together and get excited, to combat isolation and apathy through the coexistence of our bodies and our yearnings for transformation.” During the 7 months residency

  1. I shared with the residents my practica viva around the project Res ExtensaCentro para la recuperación de la sensibilidad – Clínica de arte para el cuidado de los seres cuerpos en la época de Covid19 at Museo Reina Sofia
  2. I contributed to the publication Caravana(.1)
  3. Performed for the residents at Planta Alta Is there life on mars? Art worker emotional striptease
  4. As final outcome and part of Desvio open program I co-created the performace One income, many worlds as a form of militant research and engaged art coproduced by the Institute of Radical Imagination and Museo Reina Sofia

below some moments during my artistic residency at Planta Alta