Below the video of my presentation L’asilo as a Participatory Model and its impact on Public Policies – A urban cultural Common [19′:40″]. at the Citizen Engagement and Deliberative Democracy Festival by EU Commission Science & Innovation Hub, in the panel curated by Trans Europe Halles Factories of Imagination.

Follows a discussion panel “we need EU to invite Countries to create a legal frameworks to acknowledge the practices of commoning which are endangered by local politics” [1:19′:26”] and we need legal framework for the recognition of the Category of the Commons to allow policy maker to provide resources; to avoid civil initiative remaining int he gray area; at L’asilo the process IS the model, we ask for a flexible framework to recognize diversities and allow them to operate in an ecological framework, not asking for more regulation… maybe less…” [1:30′:40”]. Within the framework of the Citizen Engagement and Deliberative Democracy Festival by EU Commission Science & Innovation Hub, in the panel curated by Trans Europe Halles Factories of Imagination

Programme December 8th, 2020

15.30 Introductory session

EU Policies for citizens‘ engagement and culture
Catherine Magnant, Head of Unit, Cultural Policies, European Commission DG EAC (3-5 min.)

What can Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities and Trans Europe Halles bring to citizens’ engagement?  
Mieke Renders, Trans Europe Halles (TEH) and Francesco Campagnari, TEH and University of Venice (10 min.)

15.45 Citizen engagement in non-governmental cultural centres 
Introduction and Moderator: Jose Rodriguez, Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities

15.45 Case 1 – L’asilo: A participatory model and its impact in public policies 
Gabriella Riccio, L’asilo, Naples (10 min)

15.55 Case 2 – P60: Engaging youth through art and culture

Gerard Lohuis, P60, Netherlands (10 min.)

16.05 Case 3 – Hablarenarte: Urban labs in schools
Sofía de Juan, Hablarenarte, Spain (10 min.)

16.15 Case 4 – Beat Carnival: Cross-community communication in the city 
David Boyd, Beat Carnival, Northern Ireland (10 min.)

16.30 Questions and discussion
Questions and comments via the Chat function, taken up by the moderator also between the interventions (José)

16:35 Impulses and debate

Short impulse speech: the “Home of Commons”
Maria Francesca De Tullio, University of Antwerp and Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (2-3 min)

Short impulse speech: The New European Bauhaus
Representative from the European Commission (2-3 min)

Debate: What have we learned about citizens’ engagement? How to take things forward also in the context of the New European Bauhaus? 

17.00 Closing remarks 

Barbara Stacher, European Commission and Mieke Renders, Trans Europe Halles.