My presentation of L’asilo to Trans Europe Halles has been included in Models to Manifestos – A conceptual toolkit for arts and culture – An outcome of the Creative Lenses Project

within the framework of the Creative Lenses co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union – running from 2015 to 2019

This book is an outcome of four-year Creative Lenses project and offers insights into the conversations, debates and views that emerged from the project. Started as a quest for ‘business models’ to ‘rescue’ struggling arts and cultural organisations, the project later turned into a wider examination of the sector and its role in the society. It does not only try to understand how such initiatives can survive but rather where they fit in the new dynamic. The emerged concept is reflected in the title of the book – ‘Models to Manifestos’.  The book comprises a wide spectrum of views from experienced and informed commentators, case studies and interviews from every corner of Europe. It reflects the diversity that exists within Europe and the differences in terms of history, practice, location and approach. It consists of four sections, which mirrors Creative Lenses’ journey.