On The HUB meetings will go beyond the regular, usual and will explore, thanks to Gabriella and Jules the subject of the Commons: Culture Centers in Common (CCC) This session inaugurates a working group within TEH whose specific purpose will be the question of the commons. We will work on the reconfiguration of a hub dedicated to the production of resources for independent cultural spaces interested in or involved in the construction of commons, the Cultural Centre in Common’s office (CCC’s office). This hub will allow the transmission of knowledge and experience between the actors interested in the common hypothesis; it will aim to constitute technical, legal and financial resources for the places. It will endeavor to build a memory of the experiences, places and communities that support them, in order to ensure the long-term transmission of the knowledge and practices that are created there. This hub operational modality should be on a peer-to-peer model to enable the aggregation of the resources of networks and the different communities of actors involved by the commons in the cultural field. Finally, it will make it possible to link these actors with other types of actors who, in the field of the environment, urban planning or research, in the private sector, in the public sector, raise the question of ecological and social transition and see in the common a modality already at work for this transition. Gabriella Riccio, artist, activist and researcher. Member of L’asilo (Napoli, Italia). Her interest focuses on the movement for the commons, practices of commoning and the Italian movement of self-governed cultural spaces. She published essays on the intersection between art, activism and politics, and on the relation between dance and philosophy. With a multidisciplinary background beside her artistic activity she is an experienced cultural manager and lecturer in international seminars and conferences. Jules Desgoutte is an artist, activist and researcher. As the co-coordinator of Artfactories/autresparts, a platform for spaces and projects that aim to transform the relationship between art, territory and society, he works to empower independant cultural places through strategies of commoning, in France. As an artist and an cultural manager, he has been involved in the development of several places, like la Friche Lamartine and la Friche RVI, in Lyon. He recently organized the third national meeting of the CNLII (, that gather together 250 people and places on a national level, on the topic of how cultural places can be build in commons.