Nell’ambito dell’82° Camp Meeting di TEH Trans Europe Halles, rete europea di centri culturali indipendenti nati per iniziativa dei cittadini, Gabriella Riccio interviene al seminario pubblico sul tema “Crossroads of Collaboration”. Sabato 29 ottobre ore 11:00 Interzona, Verona.


​Can civil society, the business community and public authorities work together on sustainable city development despite their differences? What can open up for such a collaboration and what is necessary to sustain it? What is required by the arts community – are we able to make ourselves understood or are we just misunderstood? In this seminar open to the public you will hear stories and experiences by four cultural professionals from different parts of Europe where a local cultural organisation has taken the initiative to challenge status quo in a collaborative manner. What were the obstacles they had to overcome and what were the outcomes? What can we learn from their experiences and can they be translated into our own contexts? To complement the perspective, we will hear how the city of Genua has recently initiated a project on how industrial heritage can be reinvigorated. Who will they involve in this process and how will this contribute to a more ustainable city?


Christian Juul Wendell (Institut for (X), Aarhus, DK), Irena Boljunčić Gracin, (Rojc, Pula, HR), Gabriella Riccio (L ́Asilo, Napoli, IT), Davide Pizzoli (Interzona, Verona, IT). Fabio Tenore, municipality of Genoa, project manager of Forget Heritage, (Forget Heritage Project, Genoa, IT). Moderator: Birgitta Persson, Secretary General of Trans Europe Halles.

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