NOLI ME TANGERE choreographic residency. The work in the form of a study NOLI ME TANGERE – studio in divenire (20′) was selected by Transitidanza 2 Mibac-Eti in 2008 and presented at Nuovo Teatro Nuovo Napoli. It premiered as full creation at TIN Teatro Instabile di Napoli in April 2009,  chosen by Mauro Petruzziello artistic director of Festival Deus Ex Machina 0.1 and presented in Rome at Kollatino Underground in May. The Dock11 in Berlin programmed four dates in August followed by Bergamo at the Auditorium Città di Albino in September of the same year.

The re-enactment of a work like Noli me tenere for its nature can only be a re-creation. The idea and dramaturgy structure remain intact. Yet the new formation with Alessandro Pintus (dancer) and Massimo Scamarcio (sound artist) lead to a reflection on choreographic writing and a radical sound re-ealboration thanks to the choreographic residency at l’Asilo.  is in the framework of the Focus on contemporary dance and performance Sovrapposizioni//Overlap_La danza trova asilo conceived at L’Asilo by the Tavolo Arti della Scena. A preview of Noli me tangere will be open to public and operators on Friday  6th of novembre 2015 at 21:30 L’ASILO and will be introduced by a talk about dance and philosophy with Maurizio Zanardi.

choregraphic residency:
October – November 2015
28-29 November Master Class on Systems of Live Electronics for Dance
related call for male dancer
residency photos by Sabrina Merolla

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